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TemigoJara Marketplace Agreement

Terms and Conditions

Obligations of the Merchant:

  1. The Merchant warrants that all products they list on the TemigoJara platform are available in-stock here in Nigeria. 
  2. If at any point, TemigoJara discovers that a TemigoJara product is not original quality/OEM standard based on SON in Nigeria, the vendor will be liable to pay a penalty in the amount of double the standard commission for that product category for all prior orders placed through TemigoJara. The Merchant will also be permanently expelled from the website and may be permanently de-listed from the TemigoJara platform.
  3. The Merchant agrees to abide by the Terms and Conditions of TemigoJara’s Marketplace Agreement, as well as all other Merchant Terms and Conditions which bind its Merchants including Merchant’s Privacy, Returns Policy and Shipping and Delivery Policy.
  4. The Merchant warrants that it shall maintain high quality products, standards and business transparency. The Merchant understands that TemigoJara may routinely carry out quality checks on its products and processes to verify. 
  5. The Merchant shall maintain price parity on all its products sold on TemigoJara, and through other mediums and platforms. i.e. the Merchant shall never sell the same product elsewhere at a price that is cheaper than the price listed on TemigoJara.
  6. The Merchant shall grant TemigoJara access as necessary to its products and branding materials for promotional purposes. The Merchant shall also grant TemigoJara the rights to use its trademarks in the marketing and promotion of the Merchant’s products.
  7. The Merchant hereby commits towards investing in, or otherwise carrying out its own campaigns towards the promotion of the products sold through the TemigoJara Marketplace Initiative, in order to intimate the general public that the products are perfect for consumption/usage.
  8. The Merchant warrants that its business is fully registered in Nigeria and has a valid email address and WhatsApp phone number.
  9. The Merchant shall be required to maintain a quality Return Rate which is less than 2 %.
  10. The Merchant shall be required to maintain a 0% Out Of Stock rate. Failure to do so may result in removal from TemigoJara .
  11. The Merchant shall be required to maintain a Ready to Deliver within 48 hours rate of 100%. Failure to do so may result in removal from TemigoJara.
  12. The Merchant shall be required to maintain SKUs with a Customer Product Rating of not less than 3 stars. Failure to do so may result in removal from TemigoJara.
  13. Merchants shall be required to comply with all regulatory obligations required in carrying out their obligations under these Terms and Conditions, including but not limited to compliance with tax obligations, National Agency for Food Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) requirements, Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) requirements, etc.
  14. All products sold by the Merchant through the TemigoJara Marketplace Programme must come with a product warranty, where applicable.

Obligations of the TemigoJara:

  1. TemigoJara shall provide the Merchant with free on-boarding and training online.
  2. TemigoJara shall upload the products listed by the Merchants 72hrs upon filling the merchant form..
  3. The Merchant shall be entitled to free inclusion in TemigoJara’s dedicated store, where TemigoJara exhibits products that are locally and internationally sourced.
  4. TemigoJara shall provide the Merchant with inclusion in TemigoJara marketing and PR campaigns (NOT FREE).
  5. TemigoJara shall grant the Merchant free access to its training resources for business growth and development.

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