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We are committed to offering our customers only 100% genuine and original products

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You have 7 days to return TemigoJara Mall items and other eligible items. 100% refund plus shipping fees if we delivered a damaged, wrong, defective product item upon valid claim

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The convenient shopping experience that allows you pay at your doorstep.

How Our Return Policy Works

Raise Claim

Initiate via contact form, or call us if you have any questions.


Drop-off item at our pickup station or we can pick up the item

Return Item

Return item in its newly packaged state including tags and label.

Get Refund

Upon verification of returned item, refund via voucher/transfer is made

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Popular Return FAQs

Customers can initiate a return within 7 days for TemigoJara Mall items and 7 days for other eligible items if:
You receive a wrong, damaged, defective or counterfeit item. When returning an item, ensure all seals, tags and accessories are left intact and item is in it’s original packaging. If you have created a password on the device you wish to return, please ensure it is removed, otherwise, your return will be invalid. All of the aforementioned,with the exception of underwear, adult toys, groceries, perfumes, cosmetics, hair extensions and jewelry.

Online : Complete your return request on our contact form or call us.
No. You cannot change your selected refund option after it has been registered by our Customer Service Team

If the package was delivered to you and you requested for a pick-up, our delivery agent will call you to schedule a retrieval. There will be 2 attempts made to retrieve the item(s) in 3 business days.

If you initially picked-up your package from our pick-up station or chose to drop-off through a third party, please ensure the items you wish to return to our pick-up station is delivered and make sure the return form is filled and signed as this is very important for your refund.

Once we receive your request, we will make two attempts to retrieve the item(s).
Your return request will be cancelled and you will no longer be able to return that item.

Refund is processed within 10 Business Day. However, the refund time starts from the day the item you would like to return is picked up by one of our delivery agents to the day the refund process is completed. Note: If the reason for returning an item cannot be validated, such item will be redelivered to you and a refund will not be processed.

Warranty information is displayed on each product’s listing page. Go to: to get more information about our warranty policy.
No, you do not have to return your entire order. You can return your choice of selected items.
For now, TemigoJara does not offer replacement or exchange of an item; however you can still return an item and receive a refund.
Returned items will be redelivered to you if we cannot verify your reason for returning it. For example, a Television Set returned for not powering-on will be tested extensively and if the claims are right, a refund will be processed, but if during the test, it powers-on, the item will be redelivered back to you.

Popular Refund FAQs

Refund process begins after we have completed the evaluation of your returned product. This usually takes 10 Business Days. We will send you an email notification once return examination is completed.

To process your refund quickly, you have the option to request a refund via TemigoJara Refund Voucher, which must be indicated when you request for a return via our contact form or by calling our Customer Service Team.

Otherwise, you can be refunded according to the following list below. Note that some refund methods are available according to your payment method.

  1. Cash Payment Method: Refund Voucher/Bank Transfer
  2. Bank Transfer Payment Method: Refund Voucher/Bank Transfer
  3. JaraCard Payment Method: Refund Voucher/Bank Transfer
  4. Debit Card Payment Method: Refund Voucher/Bank Transfer

TemigoJara Refund Voucher can be chosen as a refund method. The value is equal to the amount of the product purchased.
You can use TemigoJara Refund Voucher as voucher code to buy item. A refund voucher is valid for 180 days you need to use your voucher during this period. This refund voucher can be used on several purchases, until your balance is 0.00.

If you have been issued a TemigoJara Refund Voucher, you will have received a Voucher number. Please enter this voucher number in the coupon code box and click “Add Coupon” during checkout at payment stage. A corresponding deduction will be applied to your total amount.
If your return is invalid then we will call you to explain the issue and send the item(s) back to you. We will arrange the delivery of the item. Note that we will make attempts to return the product to you. However, after 2 return attempts, we will cancel the return procedure and we will keep the product with us for a maximum of 60 days for you to pick it up at our pick-up station.
For items purchased on sale, the amount refunded will be the exact amount paid, and not its original value. For example: If you purchased an item on sale for N2,500 and its original value was N4,000, we will refund you N2,500. If you purchased an item with a JaraCard, we will refund you the sum of the amount you paid and the amount of the JaraCard

Upon completion of evaluation of the returned item, refund usually takes up to 10 Business Days.

Yes, the refunded amount will also include the shipping amount you were charged.

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