Pro Mobile Broadcast Studio Professional Microphone Stand Smartphone Stand Tablet Holder For Podcasting Digital Content Creators Vlogger On Instagram YouTube – BLACK

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The Pro Mobile Broadcast Studio is all you need to take the center stage anyday, anywhere, anytime with amazing features like LED lights with control switch, adjustable microphone stand, two (2) smartphone hangers all beautifully steeled to help you tell even more stories everyday, every-time and everywhere you go.This is a perfect choice and a must-have for professional YouTube and Instagram content and other related DIY recordings like: podcasts and broadcast. It is easy to set up and use. The LED light has a control switch that enables you adjust brightness as needed per time of use with a USB cable for connection with different source of power.

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Tripod Microphone Stand, Height adjustable Foldable, Three Tripod Easy Collection and Solid Professional Casting Steel, Structure Heavy-duty Bearing, Strength Clamp Type, Cable Clamp, A sleek Black Surface Tray Holder, Pop Filter, Shock Mount Holder, Spiral Tube.

Package Content:

1 * Microphone Tripod Stand
1 * Shock Mount Holder
2 * Smart Holder
1 * Pop Filter
2 * Spiral Tube

NOTE: All in one after set up

Weight 2.45 kg


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