Bluezoo Beard Care 7-Set Piece of Beard Oil Beard Wax Pear Wood Box Double-sided Comb Brush Bags


The BlueZoo 7-Set Beard Care Kits comes with Fragrance-Free Beard Oil and Balm Kit have the perfect formula for keeping your facial hair and skin hydrated, moisturized, silky soft, shiny, healthy and well-groomed without greasy after-feel. You’ll enjoy a great beard growth without any unwanted scents or additive. The BlueZoo Beard Care kit also includes a beard & mustache Boar Bristle brush, a beard comb, and a mustache scissors to tame the crazy beard in check and Shape/Style your beard in any shape as you wish. With this full complete beard care kit, you will find it be easier to grow and style your beard with significant and visible results in less than 2weeks.

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The BlueZoo 7-piece set product is a combination set, the weight of each item will have errors, the weight shown in the picture is the weight of the whole product package of about 377g, and this does not represent the weight of each set. The comb is made of pearwood. The wood texture of different batches and even the same batch of wood will be different because the comb is sanded by hand, there may be an error of 1-3mm in the size of the wooden comb. So, It is normal for the color, texture, size and product description to be slightly different. We do not accept returns for this reason. The high speed of the product is fast, to meet the personalized needs of customers, take large orders, wholesale large quantities, long-term partners please contact our customer care service on 08103096692.

Product Package:

  • 1 * Beard wax: 30g, fragrance-free.
  • 1 * Beard oil: 30ml, fragrance-free.
  • 1 * Brush: Beech handles with 100% black boar bristles. Size: 12 x 5.8 x 3.8cm. Color: Natural color.
  • 1 * Comb: Dualside pearwood beard comb. Size: 10 * 5.5cm . Color: Natural color
  • 1 * Wallet  PU leather wallet for the comb. Size: 10 .8 * 7.2 cm.Color: Brown .      
  • 1 * Bag: Canvas bag. Size: 12.5 * 17cm . Color: Off-white
  • 1 * Scissor: Stainless steel. Length: 12.2cm . Color: Silver.
  • 1 * Box:  Size: 9.5 * 7 * 16CM


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